Koliber Deposit Drop Safes, grade S1

  • Grade: S1.
  • Certificates for storing (issued by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw):
    • Valuables in accordance with the EN 14450 standard.
  • Modern drop safes for retail facilities and office use.
  • Koliber Deposit Drop Safes are suitable for depositing cash, stocks, shares and documents by deposit drop slot.
  • Optional Laptop storage.
  • Koliber Deposit Drop Safe has a heavy-duty steel body with high resistance to attack.
  • Koliber Deposit Drop Safe has reinforced door panel including an additional cover of the bolt mechanism and lock.
  • Drop slot can be mounted on the side or back of the safe.
  • Drop slots secured with an A-grade certified lock.


Koliber Deposit Drop Safes with deposit drop slot grade S1



Dimensions [mm] Weight [kg] Shelves
 height width depth
Koliber W 45- Laptop 15'' 450 400 370 42 0
Koliber W 45- Laptop 17'' 450 490 370 46 0
Koliber W 62- Laptop 17'' 620 490 370 56 1

Product weight is specified for reference only and is subject to change.


Maximum dimensions of the deposited package

Deposit type

Maximum dimensions of the dropped package [mm]

height width
drop slot 38 170



  • Separately lockable internal box;
  • Additional shelves with height adjustment;
  • Key lock replacement with a combination or electronic lock.;
  • Mounting anchors.

Technical data

  • Certified locks: key, combination, electronic.
  • Standard colours:
    • Light grey RAL 7035.
    • Light grey RAL 1015.
    • Black RAL 9005.
  • Secure cash depositing at a reasonable price