About quality of KONSMETAL safes


KONSMETAL places particular emphasis on quality of its products and services.

Every product which comes from our factory meets all norms as regards maintaining functionality and security intended for its users. KONSMETAL products are subject to strict tests of resistance to forcing and have certificates confirming their compliance with the restrictive European norms.

International certificates and approvals

Products of KONSMETAL brand have certificates of the most important certifying authorities in Poland: Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw and Internal Security Agency (IT Security Department of Internal Security Agency).

Furthermore, KONSMETAL was granted the following international certificates and approvals:

  • ECB - The European Certification Body;
  • TüV – TüV NORD Poland: quality system certificate;
  • NCAGE: NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity Code, unique for the Company in NATO Codification System (NCS);
  • VdS  Schadenverhütung (Germany);
  • SBSC – Svensk Brand & Säkerhets Certifiering AB (Sweden): products covered by the exclusivity clause;
  • SP – Sveriges Provnings - och Forskningsinstitut (Sweden): products covered by the exclusivity clause;
  • SKAFOR – Dansk Forening for Skadeforsikring (Denmark): products covered by the exclusivity clause.

To receive a relevant certificate, a product has to resist various forcing methods. Control tests are conducted by an independent certifying authority with tools used by burglars: hammer, crowbar, torch and cutting tools. After passing the test, a product is granted a certificate in a relevant resistance class. It is also a condition for storing more valuable items in it.


Quality policy

In all organisational fields we act according to the principles of Quality Management System which guarantees development of the company and constitutes a significant source of competitive advantage. We ensure quality of products on every stage of their development.

KONSMETAL was granted a certificate and implemented in 1999 Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 international norm. Quality Management System ensures proper, system-supervised fulfilment of all business processes which affect quality of our products and services. All processes are verified in terms of efficiency, adapted to shifting market and technological parameters, and Customers’ needs.



ML safes and SL safes  Anti - burglar self - locking system
  • The most popular tools used by burglars during safe robbery are a crowbar and a hammer. ASS system, with a unique bolt blocking mechanism combined with an antitheft frame, adequately protects against the traditional methods of forcing a safe with those, most frequently used by burglars, tools.
  • The first most often attacked by a burglar area of the safe is a joint of door with a body. The burglar uses a crowbar and the principle of the lever, trying to bend the body or the door to reach inside the safe. Our patented Antitheft Frame toughens the body, increasing several times resistance to blows and expanding with a crowbar. In the result, the body virtually has no weak spots.
  • Apart from attempting to bend the body, another method of forcing frequently used by burglars with a crowbar is trying to extend door and in this way reach inside the safe. A unique ASS Antitheft Auto-Blocking System presented by Konsmetal, as the only one in the market, considerably more effectively protects against effects of such attack attempt.
SL light safes Improved antitheft protection
  • Mechanisms protecting against bolt drilling and lock forcing.
Koliber safes Improved antitheft protection
  • A security feature from manganese protecting against bolt drilling.
  • Internal and external door lock makes it impossible to open a bolted safe after cutting hinges.
KP Strong Safes ECB-S certificate
  • ECB-S is the biggest international certification body in the security industry.
  • ECB-S certificates are a confirmation of the highest standards of protection and that products meet the guidelines of the European standards.