Cash Management System


The innovative Cash Management System (CMS) was designed by Konsmetal for comprehensive management of the cash flow (coins and banknotes) in retail stores. Our devices are suitable for depositing and withdrawing cash at the cash register, as well as at the back office of the retail store. They are combined with an application used for the ongoing control of the cash flow and remote management of devices in the system.

These devices can be integrated with:

  • POS operating in store;
  • ERP system operating in a retail chain;
  • Bank’s IT system – the cash deposited in the device is booked online on company’s bank account;
  • CIT – by sending an information on the status and structure of cash in devices and the need to collect the money
    This small device, intended to be placed at front office to ensure that current deposition of extensive money can be made, enables:...
      One device for all cashiers in a store that allows for:     reconciliation of the cashier or the whole...
The TRIO set is a banknote deposit machine with coins recycler and banknote dispenser that prepares the cashier to start the shift and reconciliates them after...