Our factory located in Nidzica is a specialized machinery stock at which we provide services on request connected with sheet laser cutting, turret press punching, (wet and dry) coating, welding, and many other services related to steel processing. We render services both for large enterprises from various industries as well as for individual customers. 

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The equipment we use at our machinery stock include the highest-quality machines for metal processing and coating. Each time, our specialists select an individual processing method adjusted to the customer's needs.






One of the most popular services rendered by Konsmetal is professional and specialized laser sheet cutting. This method of sheet processing features unique accuracy, thanks to the fact that the sheet is cut with a laser beam. The laser beam is computerized. It guarantees the possibility of mapping unconventional shapes that would not be possible with manual processing, accurate cutting of even the smallest elements, as well as high repeatability.

Machine stock: A ByStronic Fiber 3000 laser integrated with an automatic loading and collection system for the cut Remmert sheets

Type of cut material:

  • constructional steel
  • stainless and acid resistant steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • copper


The maximum dimensions o cut sheets are 2000 mm x 4000 mm, with thickness of:


  • constructional steel – max thickness 20 mm
  • stainless and acid resistant steel – max thickness 12 mm
  • aluminum – max thickness 12 mm
  • brass – max thickness 6 mm
  • copper – max thickness 6 mm



Dedicated software of the device ensures optimum arrangement of elements punched on the sheet, so that the amount of generated waste can be minimized, while the concentration of thermal energy minimizes deformation of cut details.

The laser is operated by trained and experienced personnel. We can guarantee a very high quality and 100% repeatability of made details. We provide quotations and order implementation within an extremely short period. Thanks to the automatic sheet unloading and loading system, we can render services at competitive prices.




One of the basic services we render is punching of sheets with a CNC turret punching press. We own a well-equipped storage of specialist tools thanks to which we can punch complex shapes. We guarantee the highest-quality pass.

Machinery stock: An Amada AC2510 NT turret punching press

Type of cut material:

  • constructional steel
  • stainless and acid resistant steel
  • aluminum

The maximum dimensions o cut sheets are 1250 mm x 2500 mm, with thickness of:

  • constructional steel – max thickness 5 mm
  • stainless and acid resistant steel – max thickness 5 mm
  • aluminum – max thickness 5 mm


Wykrawarka rewolwerowa Amada AC2510 NT



Thanks to the bending service with the use of the highest-quality machines and tools, combined with long-term experience, our company is able to provide perfect quality and repeatability of details.

Machinery stock: A ByStronic Xpert 150 bending brake with pressure of 150 t and working width of up to 3000 mm

3 Amada bending brakes with pressure from 80 t to 150 t and working width of up to 3000 mm

Type of bent material:

  • constructional steel
  • carbon, stainless, tool, and acid resistant steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • copper


Prasa krawędziowa ByStronic Xpert 150 o nacisku 150 t i szerokości roboczej do 3000 mm



The welding we offer with the use of the highest-quality ABB robots guarantees very high repeatability and quality of bonds. Thanks to our knowledge and experience combined with state-of-the-art technology, we can prepare the process of automatic welding of even very complex details.

Machinery stock: An ABB IRBP K-600 welding stock facilitated with a rotatable bench that allows a constant welding process for two independent welding robots

Welding shop – MIG/MAG welding

Bench, pincer welding machines

Type of welded/bonded material: constructional steel

Dimensions of welded/bonded details (automatic welding):

  • height: 600 mm
  • width:1500 mm
  • depth: 800 mm       


Robot spawalniczy ABB IRBP K-600



We perform powder coating in any RAL color that is available on the market. We use the highest-quality paints that come from verified producers. By using properly selected lacquer, we obtain surfaces of varied gloss and structure, according to the Customer's needs.

Machinery stock: An automatic powder paint shop with a complete cycle of surface preparation + two spray booths


Dimensions of coated details:

  • powder coating – maximum dimensions are 1900 mm x 2000 m x 1000 m, weight up to 250 kg
  • wet coating – maximum dimensions are 2500 mm x 2500 mm x 3000 mm, weight up to 1000 kg 



Powder coating is one of the most popular forms of coating of metal surfaces that involves application of powdered paint on a metal structure with the use of electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying. First, the surface coated with this method must be subjected to thorough mechanical and chemical cleaning. The paint used in this process in form of powder, thanks to particles charged with a static charge (and proper grounding of the coated part) sticks tightly to the painted surface. After application of paint, the coated element is placed in a special furnace, in which the applied paint is cured at high temperature (up to 200°C), which creates a smooth surface with thickness from 60 to 200 microns.

Advantages of powder coating:

  • high coating esthetics – smooth surface, without sagging, folds or bubbles
  • durability – better adhesiveness of paint to the painted element than in the case of traditional painting with the use of liquid paints or lacquers
  • high resistance of the painted surface to temperature and external exposure – it can be used as anti-corrosion protection of metal parts
  • paints that we use in this method are completely environmentally friendly; they have necessary attestations that guarantee safety in case of contact of the painted surface with food and drinking water; there is no need for solvents
  • a wide range of colors and gloss levels



Wet coating is a traditional method of paint or lacquer application for decoration and/or corrosion protection. The liquid paints and lacquers used with this method are applied on the coated element with a special spray gun, with the use of rules of hydrodynamics and pneumatics. Prior to wet coating, it is necessary to properly prepare the coated surface to increase the adhesiveness of the applied coat, such as, e.g. through sand blasting. After the lacquer has been applied, it is necessary to leave the painted element to let it completely dry. This process might be sped up by exposition to high temperature.

Advantages of wet coating:

  • universality – it is possible to apply coating on almost any surface
  • it is possible to coat larger objects than in the case of powder coating



Lakiernia proszkowa



We also provide services connected with mechanical assembly of products/subassemblies involving bolting, riveting, soldering, and packing. We also offer assembly of electronic subassemblies. Our qualified and experienced personnel ensures perfect precision during the assembly.



We provide services within the scope of design connected with the range of services offered by our company. We have experienced and well-qualified engineers who use professional CAD/CAM software. The solutions we propose, along with the machinery stock and our experience, allow us offer optimum solutions to the customer.


If you are interested in our services, contact us:


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