SW Deposit Drop Slot Cassettes

The product is intended both for cashiers who must remove the excess of money from the cash register, as well as for company owners who would like to secure their cash. The deposit drop cartridge allows quick deposit of banknotes (without the need of having the code or the key) and their secure storage.

  • Convenient and quick depositing of cash, accounting receipts and checks during business hours.
  • SW Deposit Drop Slot Cassettes are mountable on or under a desktop.
  • Single-layered cassette body structure, 3 mm thick.
  • Drop slot protected against fishing (deposit removal).
  • Removable canvas bag for 300-400 banknotes.
  • SW Deposit Drop Slot Cassette is equipped with a key or electronic lock.
  • Optional time delay in electronic lock.
  • An additional canvas bag can be ordered.


Model Outer dimensions Weight [kg] Volume [l]
SW 330 142 246 14 4

Product weight is specified for reference only and is subject to change.

Technical data

  • Locks: key or electronic.
  • Standard colours:
    • light grey RAL 7035
    • grey white RAL 9002
    • jet black RAL 9005

All RAL colours are available upon individual request.



  • Quick and convenient depositing of cash within working hours.
  • Small size – mountable on or under a desktop.