Transfer Safes

  • Grade: D II and D V.
  • Certificates for storing (issued by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw):
    • Valuables in accordance with the EN 1143-2 standard, grades D II, D V.
  • Transfer Safes are designed for two-way handling of deposits without direct contact between the person making the deposit and the recipient. Electronic blockade prevents simultaneous door opening on both sides.
  • Door position on opposite sides facilitates a convenient and fast transfer (e.g. within a bank) and receipt (from the outside) of deposits without the need of entering and leaving the building.
  • Access control based on remote management of the device locks.
  • Transfer Safe has complex bolt system.
  • Warning-alarm system emitting sound and light signals or signals to the exterior monitoring system (option):
    • Lock or door opening signal;
    • Open door signal;
    • Bolt position control system emitting signals of a burglary attempt.
  • Transfer Safes are equipped with certified locks.
  • Transfer Safes are suitable for floor mounting.
  • Equipment customization options adapted to the Client’s needs.
  • Transfer Safe has emergency power supply.


  • Alarm sensors: shock, bolt and door position sensors;
  • Alarm installation output;
  • Sensor monitoring the presence of the deposit in the Transfer Safe;
  • Mounting anchors.

Technical data

  • Certified locks: key, combination or electronic.
  • Standard colours:
    • Light grey RAL 7035
    • Light grey RAL 9002
    • Black RAL 9005

Safes are available in any RAL colour on custom orders.

  • Two-way transfer of deposits, without direct contact
  • Secure means of cash supplies for bank branches
  • Quality recognized with the Gold Medal on Poznań International Fairs