KSN Wall Safe with S1 safety grade

KSN wall safe is a safe that, thanks to each flat design of the door, can be installed out of people's sight, e.g. behind a painting. It can be easily installed in a wall and used both at home and at the office.


  • body with increased resistance to being forced
  • reinforced door with protection of the bolts and the lock
  • sturdy bolts with a diameter of 20 mm
  • drill protection for the bolts
  • a special door locking mechanism that prevents the safe from being opened, even if the hinges have been cut off.
  • thickness of the body 3 mm, thickness of the door 51 mm
  • certificate of the Institute of Precision Mechanics in safety grade S1
  • compliance with standard PN-EN 14450 regarding storage of valuables in safety grade S1
  • grade A key lock
  • specially-designed fixtures that allow mounting the safe in a wall
  • a possibility of insuring the safe up to PLN 50,000





Technical data