Koliber Deposit Drop Safes with S1 safety grade

If you are looking for a stronger protection for the cash deposited in the safe, including the possibility of insuring it, the Koliber deposit drop safe with safety grade S1 will be your perfect solution.


  • deposit drop slots secured with an additional key lock
  • drop slot can be mounted on the side or back of the safe
  • a reinforced door slab with a cover of the bolts and the lock
  • sturdy bolts with a diameter of 20 mm that have a special drill protection of the bolts
  • thickness of the body 3 mm, thickness of the door 51 mm
  • an anti-robbery safety system in form of:
    • a time delay when opening the electronic lock, which significantly decreases the risk of emptying the cashbox in case of a robbery
    • a silent lock alarm, which, when connected to the security system, always informs the security agency that there has been an attempt of robbing the cashbox or an incorrect code was used
  • certificate of the Institute of Precision Mechanics in safety grade S1
  • compliance with the standard regarding storage of valuables under supervision PN-EN 14450 grade S1


Koliber Deposit Drop Safes with deposit drop slot grade S1



Dimensions [mm] Weight [kg] Shelves
 height width depth
Koliber W 45- Laptop 15'' 450 400 370 42 0
Koliber W 45- Laptop 17'' 450 490 370 46 0
Koliber W 62- Laptop 17'' 620 490 370 56 1

Product weight is specified for reference only and is subject to change.


Maximum dimensions of the deposited package

Deposit type

Maximum dimensions of the dropped package [mm]

height width
drop slot 38 170


Wyposażenie dodatkowe

  • separately lockable internal box;
  • additional shelves with height adjustment;
  • key lock replacement with a combination or electronic lock.;
  • mounting anchors.

Dane techniczne

  • certified locks: key, combination, electronic.
  • standard colours:
    • light grey RAL 7035
    • light grey RAL 1015
    • black RAL 9005