KP Strong Safes with deposit drum

  • Grade: N II.
  • Certificates for storing (issued by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw):
    • Valuables in accordance with the EN 1143-2 standard, grade N II.
  • KP Strong Safes with deposit  drum are designed for depositing cash, stocks, shares  and documents without the need of opening the Safe.
  • KP Strong Safes with deposit  drum provide a perfect solution for secure cash management in retail outlets, offices and all areas where a money lodgement system is required.
  • More robust construction based on KP Strong Safe with ECB-S certificate.
  • Deposit drum for easy insertion of deposits without safe unlocking, equipped with an anti-fishing protection.
  • KP Strong Safe with deposit  drum has extensive bolt system: horizontal bolts, vertical bolts and a fixed bolt.
  • Access to deposits only by authorized personnel.
  • Overnight  cover of valuables and cash are allowed.
  • KP Strong Safe with deposit  drum is equipped with shelves with height adjustment  (depending on the model).


KP Strong Safe with a deposit drum grade II

Model External  dimensions [mm] Weight [kg] Volume [l]
height width depth
KP 100 + WBX3 1000 580 570 190 64
KP 120 + WBX3 1200 580 570 204 91
KP 150 + WBX3 1500 580 570 247 133

Product weight is specified for reference only and is subject to change.


Maximum dimensions of the deposited package

Deposit type Maximum dimensions of the dropped package [mm]
height width depth
WBX3 55 225 140


Wyposażenie dodatkowe

  • Certified locks: key, combination, electronic;
  • Alarm sensors: shock and bolt position sensors.;
  • Alarm installation output;
  • Time delay and silent alarm of the lock;
  • Protective sealing;
  • Drum blockade with key lock;
  • Two mounting anchors.

Dane techniczne

  • Certified locks: key, combination, electronic.
  • Standard colours:
    • Light grey RAL 7035
    • Black RAL 9005.



  • Depositing cash in KP Strong Safes